‘Brexit makes EU less attractive’ Macron handed bombshell blow by key trade advisor

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‘Brexit makes EU less attractive’ Macron handed bombshell blow by key trade advisor

‘Brexit makes EU less attractive’ Macron handed bombshell blow by key trade advisor
LOSING Britain has made the European Union a significantly less attractive prospect to international partners and reduced its chances of negotiating advantageous trade deals, leaked emails show.
By Nick Gutteridge, Brussels Correspondent
PUBLISHED: 15:34, Mon, Jul 31, 2017 | UPDATED: 16:13, Mon, Jul 31, 2017


French president Emmanuel MacronGETTY
French president Emmanuel Macron

A key trade advisor to the new French president Emmanuel Macron once warned him that Brexit “reduced the size and attractiveness” of the bloc in the eyes of the rest of the world.

The dire assessment, produced by the chief economist at the French embassy in the US, is revealed today in a slew of hacked emails from Mr Macron’s campaign team which have been released by Wikileaks.
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Critics say that the messages were most likely stolen by the Russian state – something the whistle-blowing site denies – though so far they have contained no major embarrassments for the president.

The revelation that a senior economic advisor warned him about the consequences of Brexit – advice which was then incorporated into his campaign trade policy – will be of interest to UK negotiators.

It demonstrates a high level of concern within the EU over its trade clout, although a high-profile political agreement with Japan on a future deal has since calmed jangling nerves.

Renaud Lassus, who is head of the Department of Treasury and Economic Affairs at the embassy in Washington, was asked to write a paper guiding Mr Macron on international trade affairs while he was still a candidate.

In the dossier, sent on April 4 this year, he warned about many of the attack lines far-right rival Marine Le Pen would take on the issue, including trumpeting protectionist measures likely to go down well with French workers.

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And he also blamed the EU’s snail-like progress on trade issues on member states, including Britain, saying the EU Commission was strongly in favour of forging more global ties.

He observed: “On recovering negotiating leverage, recent negotiations show that Europe is struggling to obtain concessions from the most important partners (India, US, Japan, China).

And turning to Britain’s impending exit from the EU, he gloomily warned: “Brexit does not help things by reducing the size and attractiveness of the European market.”
Macron WINS: France rejects far right as pro-EU centrist becomes French president
Mon, May 8, 2017
Emmanuel Macron won a decisive victory against far-right Front Nationale candidate Marine Le Pen to become the country’s youngest ever president at 37 years old

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Macron’s slogan is visible in the crowd – translated, it means
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Macron’s slogan is visible in the crowd – translated, it means

Macron’s slogan is visible in the crowd – translated, it means
Macron is congratulated as he arrives at the Louvre
The news hits the streets in Mumbai
People reflect on a stock quotation board flashing the Nikkei 225 key index. Tokyo’s benchmark stock index rose at the start after pro-European centrist Emmanuel Macron swept his far-right rival Marine Le Pen in France’s presidential election
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The excitement is palpable at the Louvre

The EU is currently pursuing a highly expansionist trade agenda, having been spooked into resurrecting and re-energising a series of deals by the election of Donald Trump and Brexit.

As well as seeking a swift conclusion of its JEFTA agreement with Japan, Brussels also wants to make progress on a pact with the Mercosur countries in South America to burnish its global credentials.

But Britain is not sitting back and waiting to leave the bloc before making its own moves, with trade deals with the United States, Australia and New Zealand amongst those in the pipeline.
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۳ hours ago
Don Quixote.

So Brexit will reduce the size and attractiveness of the bloc in the eyes of the rest of the world?

Yes it certainly reduces its size from a GDP of around 19,943 billion to 17,156 billion but if that makes the EU less attractive then what does it make the UK with a GDP of 2,787 billion, more attractive?

Please explain why in the case of the UK size does not matter?

Cheers Don Quixote.

ReplyShare1 reply

۱ hour ago
Who said anything about the size of the UK – the piece pointed out that the attractiveness of the EU was reduced without the UK. Nothing like you are trying to intimate.


۹ hours ago
The EU is bound to be less attractive to the outside world now that it is losing the restraining influence of Britain. Whatever the Remainers say, the EU has much to lose when it loses Britain and only fools can say that this fact of life will apply equally or more so, to Britain.


۱۳ hours ago
The EU expect us to meekly hand over our children’s inheritance to the likes of Junker. Makes you wonder who is the real enemy is, Putin or the EU Commission

ReplyShare1 reply

۲ hours ago
I think it goes without saying who the real enemies of this country are and Russia are the least of our worries!


۱۳ hours ago
our comment is awaiting moderation
The EU expect us to meekly hand over OUR CHILDREN’S INHERITANCE to the likes of Junker. Makes you wonder who is the real enemy is, Putin or the EU Commission

ReplyShare1 reply

۹ hours ago
You used the no, no, word, enemy, but on this occasion, you were excused.


۱۹ hours ago
And when Brexit does happen the biggest party will be held here in the UK.


۱۹ hours ago
Pinocchio Johnson
No countries in the EU want Britain to stay in so not sure where this tall tale comes from.

In fact almost every day somewhere in the EU a party is thrown celebrating getting rid of the UK. Several very big events are being planned for 2019 when the UK (finally) goes.

ReplyShare21 replies

۱۹ hours ago
Disgusted from…..
As we will be throwing parties all over Britain to celebrate that cretins like you have decamped back to the EU!

ReplyShare11 replies

۱۹ hours ago
Pinocchio Johnson
Indeed. It works both ways. Those in the EU who were once friends are now enemies. On holiday I saw an elderly couple in Spain spat at and pushed around by a group of young thugs who kept chanting’ Brexit’ at them.

Shame so many resort to anger and insult. Lack of education I suppose.

ReplyShare9 replies

۱۸ hours ago
What friends ? we see you friendship every year in the eurovision song crapfest, with friends like that who needs enemies.


۱۵ hours ago
Must have been an isolated incident, my wife and I are for Brexit and we live in a small Spanish village, the people here are absolutely brilliant, any discussion about Brexit or Gibraltar is in the vain of a Joke and nothing more…

ReplyShare2 replies

۱۲ hours ago
English T
In France, many French people have told me they’d like a referendum too and that the EU and the euro has not only impoverished France but that everything is far more expensive too.

They tend to think we’ve done the right thing.


۹ hours ago
Unfortunately France will fare badly, but Germany, not so badly. Doesn’t seem fair, does it.


۱۴ hours ago
Project fear and telling porkies. Pinocchio is a good name you have chosen, most apt. I have experienced no hostility in Spain, indeed, they are pathetically grateful for our money being spent.

ReplyShare1 reply

۹ hours ago
Remainers have a lot to learn about life, most of them have had it too easy up till now.


۱۴ hours ago
Believe it or not it’s the left wing activists that are protesting and rioting, not the Brexiteers.


۱۲ hours ago
English T
You’ve never been our friends. Duplicity solely to strip us of our wealth and flood our country with your own dross.


۹ hours ago
They act this way, because they know that it is they that will be the losers after Brexit. The Penny still has to drop for the Remainers, unfortunately, but be sure of one thing, it will, eventually.


۹ hours ago
Remainers, Cretins indeed.


۱۸ hours ago
The EU may want UK out, but individual countries don’t,Europe and EU totally different,


۱۷ hours ago
im sure well have the same here we will get drunk have a laugh ..Then the next day well see who misses who. .Next year will see what the EU adopt one of the great British traditionscalled backpedalling in fear .We will arrive at the land of milk and honey and the EU will toil and toil heavily loaded down with arrogance. going no where.. Talk about being friends . NATO… remeber that there is a bill for services rendered to EU . So when you have time to sort things…..you know when youre ready, if you have a minute…..or a bit of spare time.What someones thrown a Chinese Grenade in your fox hole…ill have Sarge ring EU headquarters and see how long the fuse is on that one…thats how the EU goes….were not hanging around


۱۵ hours ago
@ Pin Jo…

If you believe that nosene you wrote you’re deluded. The EU bloc NEEDS the United Kingdom 100%….. if you think they don’t just look st the mayhem that is unfolding. The EU is skint…….the UK jumping ship…. is the equivalent of 20 smaller EU countries leaving…..

The EU is broken, Poland, Hungary and Czech all at logger heads with Brüssels……Spain, Italy, Greece and Portugal……bankrupt……Catalan is breaking away and wants independence……….the whole bloc is a disaster.

Tick tock it crumbling and I love it.


۱۵ hours ago
You’ve not read the comments by the new Irish leader today then?

ReplyShare3 replies

۱۴ hours ago
Irish can they write


۱۴ hours ago
Did you hear the joke about the Irish man? I thought not.


۱۲ hours ago
English T
The gay Indian? Why would anyone do that?


۱۴ hours ago
When we leave the biggest party will be from the Accountants; as they line up to help with the EU Bankruptcy


۹ hours ago
When you and yours, are finally forced to admit defeat over Brexit, you will spend the longest time feeling guilty and ashamed for your anti Britishness and so you jolly well should!


۲۰ hours ago
All you dumb pathetic REMOANers should remember – CAMERON KNEW what the issues with the EU membership were for millions and millions of British people when he went cap in hand to the EU to ask for some concessions. The EU KNEW what those same issues were and in their supreme arrogance and dismissive nature, they gave Cameron NOTHING – nada, not a thing – that he could bring back and offer to the British people crying out for change.
SO – 17.4 million British people said – enough is enough. W ehave asked time and time again for change and been DISMISSED time and time again so we MUST leave the EU.
The EU is TO BLAME for BREXIT, together with our weak, gutless LabConLib parties who have bent over and taken whatever the EU gave them time and time again.
If you pathetic REMOANers want to blame anyone for BREXIT, balme your beloved EU for insisting on a “one size fits all” appraoch without giving a monkeys about the neagtive impact that EU policies were having on millions and millions of British peoples lives.

ReplyShare4 replies

۱۹ hours ago
Love Jaguars
Absolutely correct!


۱۵ hours ago
Brilliant comment.


۱۴ hours ago
Very well said. Brilliant.


۵۷ minutes ago
Spot on – but remoaners blame it on old people. And those who whine the loudest that it didn’t go their way and they want another vote, are probably the idle who couldn’t be bothered to vote and then said oh sh t when they lost.


۲۱ hours ago
There is no EU Japan trade deal signed yet and from comments from the Japanese government there will be none for some time yet, if at all.

ReplyShare2 replies

۱۸ hours ago
Its still tears away.


۱۴ hours ago
It will be signed, and trade will start with Japan anytime in the next 7-10 years; Not bad for the EU


۲۱ hours ago
Take away the UK from the federal superstate and you only have France that’s worth anything on the world stage. Germany is a close second (big in the EU granted) and bringing up the rear is Italy. Then there are the minor players The Nordic countries, and less so Belgium, Spain, Portugal and the rest of club med. and lastly the Eastern block. All small to tiny countries Luxembourg, Malta, Cypru.


۲۱ hours ago
Well, we knew that our leaving would have a huge impact on the EU’s future, and it will. I bet they wish that they hadn’t been so blasé with our membership. Their arrogance is coming back to haunt them, and serve them right.

ReplyShare2 replies

۲۰ hours ago
“All things that have form eventually decay.” -Orochimaru Remember all the great Empires


۱۲ hours ago
English T
One of the many reasons I voted ‘out’ was because I wanted the UK to be the catalyst for the whole rotten edifice of the EU to collapse. Serves them right, arrogant bullies.

Britain leading the way again.


۲۱ hours ago
haha Eu agreements on future trade deals, dont make me laugh they havent even finished CETA yet and its now 8 years and counting

ReplyShare2 replies

۱۴ hours ago
AH yes; But they are having a productivity drive all Trade deals must now be completed within a reasonable time frame 5-7 years

ReplyShare1 reply

۵ hours ago
Haha, ”Trade deals must now be completed within a reasonable time frame 5-7 years”

As against the Australian idea of a ‘reasonable time frame’ of completing 3 in one year – needless to say, the one with the E.U is not included


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