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Juncker CANCELS Article 50 staff’s holiday as he hits out at UK’s decision to quit EU

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Juncker CANCELS Article 50 staff’s holiday as he hits out at UK’s decision to quit EU

Juncker CANCELS Article 50 staff’s holiday as he hits out at UK’s decision to quit EU
JEAN-CLAUDE JUNCKER has cancelled the European Commission’s Article 50 staff leave in August because of the “limited progress” made on Brexit.
By Joe Barnes
PUBLISHED: 08:15, Fri, Jul 28, 2017 | UPDATED: 10:27, Fri, Jul 28, 2017

EU spokesperson admits “limited progress” in Brexit talks
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A European Union spokeswoman said the chief eurocrat had asked his workers to be available throughout August to assist with negotiations for Britain’s departure from the bloc.

Reports have surfaced that the EU believes Brexit talks are unlikely to progress until Britain’s negotiators define its divorce position.

A senior EU source told Brussels-based journalist, Georg von Harrach, Brexit talks have progressed “not as fast” as they’d hoped for.

The official told the reporter their timetable estimates “sufficient progress” by the end of the year, rather than October.

Jean-Claude Juncker on Brexit newsEUROPEAN UNION
Jean-Claude Juncker cancels August holidays of his staff for Brexit talks

President Juncker has asked, specifically, the task force on Article 50 to be available every day

Mina Andreeva

The deputy chief spokesperson for the European Commission revealed Mr Juncker’s tough management of his staff as he hopes to progress Brexit talks.

Mina Andreeva said: “So far limited progress has been achieved in the negotiations, however, we stand ready.

“President Juncker has asked, specifically, the task force on Article 50 to be available every day throughout the coming weeks, in the month of August, to engage with our British counterparts should the UK, of course, wish to substantiate their position in some of the cases where it has not happened yet.

Angela Merkel’s phonecall interrupts Juncker’s press conference

“The Commission stands ready, we are ready, we’re ready to work.”

This comes as Chancellor Philip Hammond declared he wants to see a transitional deal with the EU which would see the UK stripped of influence in Brussels – but forced to accept free movement rules, continued budget contributions and meddling from the European Courts.

The Senior Conservative told business leaders that he wants Britain to maintain fun access to the European single market and customs union in the first of a two-part transitional deal after Brexit, according to reports.
Madness of King Juncker: EU boss’ craziest moments
Wed, July 26, 2017
Jean-Claude Juncker greets colleagues with kisses and slaps

Play slideshow
European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker greets EU Commission Chief spokesperson Margaritis Schinas
۱ of 16

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker greets EU Commission Chief spokesperson Margaritis Schinas

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker greets EU Commission Chief spokesperson Margaritis Schinas
Jean-Claude Juncker jokes and gives Margaritis Schinas a slap before the weekly college meeting of the European Commission
European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker greets Switzerland President-elect Simonetta Sommaruga at the European Commission headquarters in Brussels
Donald Tusk and Jean-Claude Juncker during the EPP Summit in Saint Julians, Malta
Jean-Claude Juncker at the start of the weekly college meeting of the European Commission in Brussels
Jean-Claude Juncker, President of the European Commission, kisss Michel Barnier
EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker (L) and Portuguese Member of European Parliament Maria Joao Rodrigues of the Socialist Party (Partido Socialista) (R) attend the forum ‘Which way forward for a better European Future?’ at BOZAR in Brussels

Sources present said Mr Hammond was clear there was not enough time to negotiate a new bespoke deal for his desired lengthy transitional arrangement to bring certainty to business.

Instead, he wants an “off-the-shelf” deal to be followed by a second “implementation” phase while the final terms of a future trade deal were negotiated.

“One person at the meeting told the Financial Times: “He told us the Europeans now agree a cliff edge would harm both parties.”
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Less than a minute ago
Little progress because they always said agreement on the divorce bill has to come before anything else. So, the U.K team are not rushing to their demand & agreeing their terms . The EU must now be getting very worried that time will run out & there is no deal. They are bullies & have always believed they are in the driving seat but the longer it goes on the more worried they will be.


۳ minutes ago


۵ minutes ago

ITS LEGAL TO LEAVE THE EU..its not braking any laws or rules,,yet the attitude of the EU leaders is contempt for the rule of law…that tells you what they are empire builders the revived roman empire predicted in the bible an evil empire.

they swan around insulting memebers like a load of drunken yobs..they caused the war in he ukrain .they interfear in the middle east north Africa they make things 10 times worse every where they stick their nose…I personal don’t care tuppence about anything but freedom for my country that I love .brexit comes 1st what business thinks second.


۷ minutes ago
EU is Germany only!
We have to be clear of EU completely by the 29.3.2019 ad we can talk about anything has long we do NOT pay any monies to the EU. Please David Davis make sure that Mr Hammond is not to be trusted at all.


۲۴ minutes ago
Vertosspot will be along any minute to slag us off again.
Don’t they realise. There is no money. We have not got any money to spare.


۳۰ minutes ago
It’s slow because the speed is being driven slowly on purpose……Brüssels is hoping we’ll run out of time…….that there’ll be a reversal of our Brexit decision. Corbyn gets into power, lol. There are still those who think we will not leave. They think we’ll accept any deal when the timer is ticking away, Idiots.

Brüssels is steering this by far fetched negotiations that they know we’ll refuse. They are stalling on purpose f***ing idiots…..the sooner we’re out the better. I 1000% want the EU Single Market to collapse i hate it so much. It doesn’t represent anything I stand for…….come on Great Britsin it’s time to leave these fools to sink……….walk away show them we mean business.

Adopt WTO……. let them fight it out between themselves 27 all wanting to be fed. Barnier’s bluff isn’t convincingly enough.


۳۷ minutes ago
Junker, Merkel, Verhofstadt, Bannier, Musk`s anti British tirades are making it easier for the majority of Brits to hate what the EU stands for. As an ex British soldier doing his duty in Berlin before the wall made it easier to contain the German hordes – I personally find it insulting to have to listen to Frau Merkel – whose family emigrated from the country of capitalist West Germany in 1954 to make life in another country known as GDR – a communist country! I do not like listening to a Stasi stooge!


۴۰ minutes ago
golfer dude
Who cares what this dishonest creep thinks!


۴۴ minutes ago
Little progress has been made in the negotiations because Britain refuses to pander to the EU’s ridiculous, risible demands. Long may it continue !


۴۸ minutes ago

The reason why sufficient progress has not been made is because the EU thought our team would be a walk-over and therefore there would be little negotiation……

How wrong they were!


۱ hour ago
I thought the EU wasn’t worried about Brexit? I thought that according to them they had more important things to worry about? Oh, silly me – it’s the money they won’t be getting if there’s no deal that they’re worried about!!!!!


۱ hour ago
“Making sufficient progress”


“Agreeing to bend over & be shafted with an invented, unwritten, unaudited ridiculous figure plucked from the recesses of Mr Druncker’s cognac-addled semi-brain.”

“Agreeing to every single EU demand – and not requiring anything favourable at all for the UK”.



۱ hour ago



۱ hour ago
Betrayed and Time to leave the UK
Can i guess this waste of air has been drinking again? This complete twit must have been badly bullied when he was younger….hence why he thinks bullying people is so good! Prob is…we all know what happens to bullies…..especially weak stupid nerdy ones!!


۲ hours ago
Hammond is not part of the Brexit team, It is Davis at the coal face at the moment, we just have to wait and see if May loses her nerve.

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۳۳ minutes ago
joe corr

Thats what Hammond is up to. Destabilizing the effort.


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۲۳ minutes ago
joe corr>>>>If I am a plonker then a real brainy person like you needs a plonker to bring out your genius


۲ hours ago
lol, aaawww poor Junkers, he thought we were just going to roll over and say yes to all their demands and pay billions of hard earned Brtish tax for nothing. He can go whistle.


۲ hours ago
Not just me
I love seeing Jumker in the papers every day it gives me great pleasure to know there is at least one person in the world who is more stupid than me.

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۲ hours ago
Grumpy Young Man
Excellent but don’t put yourself down, what about Diane Abbucus ?

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۲۷ minutes ago


۲ hours ago
That will not help a lot until Britain defines a negotiation position

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۲ hours ago
Grumpy Young Man
We’re not interested in your EUSSR paid Troll biased views.

Go and get a proper job.


۴۰ minutes ago
The UK has already defined its position. The EU choose not to accept that position. Their problem …


۳ hours ago
Hammond is irrelevat to the negotiations. The EU Commission distribute guano like there is no tomorrow. No-one is fooled by this nonsense. The negotaitions have at least 18 months to go. The Commission is just being ridiculous to complain about progress. One minute it is imperative the UK stays in the EU, the next the Commission can’t wait to see the back of the UK. It’s ironic that DE prints this rubbish. I thought it was a ‘Leave’ paper. It gives more column inches to Remainers and constantly creates anxiety by hints, rumours, gossip and pro-EU propoganda.


۳ hours ago
They are the ones creating unnecessary hurdles to make us give in and remain, they don’t deserve a holiday as it is entirely their fault Brexit isn’t progressing.


۳ hours ago
The Emperors New Clothes

Maybe Juncker should watch this debate from 1975 at the Oxford Union.

Much of what was being told to student sounds remarkably familiar with one exception, why the UK went into the Common Market.

Edward Heath (1hr 14mins) as good as admitted he was an agent working on behalf of a foreign power (the US)to act out their foreign policy, namely join politically with France and Germany. This is High treason. Imagine if he had said the same thing that he was an agent of the Soviet union enacting their foreign policy.


ReplyShare3 replies

۳ hours ago
Ronnie Stephen

The1971 F&CO letter to Ted Heath stating in no uncertain terms that the then so called Common Market was, in fact, a deceitful ploy to transfer UKsovereignty to Brussels. When he said in parliament and to the British peoplethat it was nothing more than a trading arrangement he was lying and he knew hewas lying.

Whenchallenged later as to why he lied he said ‘the British public are too stupidto be involved in governing themselves’. So there!

ReplyShare2 replies

۳ hours ago
Ronnie Stephen
FileFCO30/1048 look it up.

ReplyShare1 reply

۴۹ minutes ago
The Emperors New Clothes
I have. There is an annotated version of FCO30/1048 by Dr Richard North


۳ hours ago

They are trying to push the number and bombard us with threats and demand, so we cough up. Being unreasonable and then moaning if we don’t bow to their demands. Its a negotiation ploy, that anyone can see through.

We should stand firm and pay them nothing, unless they can demonstrate that we are legally obliged to pay and they are legally entitled to claim.

Any moral dilemmas should be about the British Taxpayers (not these parasites).

We should also be making sure we recover ALL UK assets.


۳ hours ago
Is Juncker (and many of his ilk) responsible enough to be having these talks – much of the time he appears to be marinated in alcohol? There are too many flabby, jowly, elderly, white faces leading these talks – where is diversity and where are the the young?


۳ hours ago
Divorce position is easy. After two years (i.e., on 29 March 209) we stop paying, are no longer subject to your laws unless we so choose, are no longer subject to your courts and no longer accept free movement of people. Happy to talk about a trade deal, otherwise WTO terms on both sides.


۳ hours ago
That’s double speak for pay our demands, how dare we quibble.


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Friday, 28th July 2017

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