Theresa May freezes nearly £۱BILLION of foreign aid to stop taxpayers’ cash being wasted

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Theresa May freezes nearly £۱BILLION of foreign aid to stop taxpayers’ cash being wasted

Theresa May freezes nearly £۱BILLION of foreign aid to stop taxpayers’ cash being wasted
THE Government has frozen nearly £۱billion of foreign aid in a bid to stop taxpayers’ money being wasted.
By Alix Culbertson
PUBLISHED: 06:00, Tue, Aug 1, 2017 | UPDATED: 07:17, Tue, Aug 1, 2017


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Mark Sedwill, Theresa May’s new National Security Adviser, has halted spending from the “pro-democracy” Empowerment Fund set up by Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson in February.

Mr Johnson had earmarked £۷۰۰million of the £۱۳.۳billion aid budget to create the fund to be used as a “soft” weapon against Vladimir Putin.

He wanted to use the cash to boost British interests abroad by helping allies such as the Baltic states counter the effects of Russian and Islamic State (ISIS) power, without weapons.

Theresa MayGetty
Funding to Boris Johnson’s Empowerment Fund has been frozen
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Spending on the Empowerment Fund has not yet started and work has been paused while the review takes place

Government Spokeswoman

Mr Sedwill, the UK’s former Ambassador to Afghanistan and Permanent Secretary to the Home Office until April, launched a “capability review” of the Government’s cross-department Conflict, Stability and Security Fund, which spends more than £۱billion a year on “fragile states” such as Syria.

In a major crack-down on where and what British foreign aid is spent on, he also demanded checks of Foreign Office aid spending through the £۱.۳billion Prosperity Fund, which promotes economic growth in developing countries, and the Empowerment Fund.
UK Foreign Aid: Where did it all go?
Mon, January 16, 2017
Public mood changes following scandals over how the money is allocated. This is where the UK Foreign Aid was being spent in 2015.

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Labour Force Work Under Difficult Conditions To Complete Commonwealth Games
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India = £۱۵۰.۴m

Labour Force Work Under Difficult Conditions To Complete Commonwealth Games
Save the Children Fund Project Bangladesh
Local people getting water from a modern well in Karatu in
South Sudan = £۲۰۵.۵m
Ebola in Sierra Leone

Mr Sedwill, who sits in the Cabinet Office, is aiming to ensure aid provides “value for money” for the taxpayer following years of criticism over spending on countries with booming economies or scant regard for their citizens.

A Government spokeswoman, said: “The Government is committed to ensuring accountability and transparency in our aid spending.

“This review forms part of our ongoing work to ensure we’re delivering value for taxpayers and results for the world’s poorest.

“Spending on the Empowerment Fund has not yet started and work has been paused while the review takes place.”

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A source told the Sun: “Mark Sedwill wants to check how these funds are operating and see the money is being spent in the right way.

“Development of the Empowerment Fund has essentially been paused.”

Mark SedwillGetty
Mark Sedwill is Mrs May’s new National Security Adviser

Over the weekend it was revealed £۱.۹billion of the foreign aid budget goes to countries with horrendous human rights records, including Egypt and Zimbabwe.

David Cameron pledged to commit 0.7 per cent of the gross national income on foreign aid, and Mrs May has maintained the pledge.

The UK has given £۶۴m to Rwanda where President Paul Kagame is suspected of murdering rivals

foreign aidGetty
The foreign aid budget has been accused of funding rich countries such as China

One of the latest scandals surrounding money handed out overseas came last week after it emerged Britain gave £۶۴million to Rwanda which is ruled by tyrant Paul Kagame who is suspected of murdering his rivals and faces allegations of fraud, bribery and corruption.

Mrs May is facing a possible rebellion as members of her party feel she is over-committing to spending, prompting the Government to fund dubious countries and projects.

Tory MP Philip Hollobone, said: “The fundamental problem is that we are spending too much on overseas aid and DfID cannot spend this money quickly enough, so it is going to inappropriate causes.”
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UK Politics
Theresa May



۵ minutes ago
How about freezing another £۷ billion annually while you’re at it?


۹ minutes ago
Our current overseas giveaway bonanza would buy a new Nuclear Power Station every two years – even with the clowns at EDF inflating the cost. I think that Nuclear power should be a national resource, not left in the dangerous and demonstrably incompetent private sector. That and the railways is probably the only things we should consider renationalising, simply because we are being looted blind by foreign business and we are too flaccid to care or do anything about it.


۱۱ minutes ago
Ray of Truth
The answer to the “Foreign Aid” program and its iniquities — revive the Right to Revolution in the old-time manner- crowd the streets with dissenters.


۱۳ minutes ago
Charity begins at HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


۱۵ minutes ago
Not before time!


۱۸ minutes ago
The foreign aid budget should be slashed and more funding put into our own infrastructure , then once GB is prospering and growing strong again we can start providing aid to those who genuinely need it , the whole civil servent culture needs changing , too many don’t live in the real world , half the trouble with our membership of the EU was caused but our own civil servants , doting every i and crossing every t , whilst other members interpretated the rules to suit there own countries The tax payer pays there salary so as there employer I should have the right to se what they actually do , there performance , how they come to decisions and decide on how my money is spent


۲۵ minutes ago
Gen. Harry Flashman
Finally something has happened to our benefit. The whole aide budget needs to be reviewed so that only those who actually need our financial help get it. No more fast cars, palatial palaces, etc. Then redirect to The NHS.


۳۱ minutes ago
Only another £۱۲b to go !!!


۳۲ minutes ago
Now let’s encourage governments, whose poor human rights performance reportedly prevents the UK from deporting undesirables back to those countries, by withholding aid until they improve their prisons….


۳۴ minutes ago
Templar Star
Targeting Boris again she must be very afraid of her position.


۳۵ minutes ago
We, as a nation, have been throwing money at Africa for over 30 years and what good has it done? None!!! That’s why all the people who live there are queuing up to get to Europe on a boat. Stop the waste!!


۳۵ minutes ago
Stop it altogether. We use our armed forces to “help” foreign countries all the time, our (Inter)national Health Service treats foreigners who turn up and clear off back to their homeland without paying, our Midlands hospitals all seem to be full of foriegn grannies who turn up from their homeland for treatment and impersonate someone with citizenship. That is where we should be spending our money – on our defences, on protecting ourselves and on our NHS, who are crap at recovering costs of treatment from the freeloaders anyway. Train nurses and doctors from our own nation instead of spending vast fortunes propping up the system with Agency staff. And stupidly, we have to borrow the money we currently give away in the first place!


۳۵ minutes ago
Templar Star
So will he stop the use of debit cards in Pakistan because if there ever was a wast of money that is a good example. People around the world must be crying with laughter at the sheer ludicrous amount of monies they get for free from the UK.

ReplyShare3 replies

۲۷ minutes ago
Big Jim
Could you explain please this debit card use ? I suspect it,s not good.

ReplyShare2 replies

۱۶ minutes ago
Apparently, they give out debit cards to poor people who want to try a small business start-up in Pakistan so in theory, the aid goes directly to them in small amounts. In reality, they use the cards as collateral for loans, or the local thugs round up all the cards, beat the pins out of the holders and have a high old life at everyone else’s expense. Its a variation on the debit cards they were dishing out to asylum seekers in this country as an alternative to giving them cash or vouchers (less stigma, you see). Same thing happened – used as collateral, or taken from the recipients by the crooks..

ReplyShare1 reply

۳ minutes ago
Oh, I forgot to mention the ones who made multiple asylum claims under different names and ended up with a whole deck of cards…..


۳۷ minutes ago
The bottom line is that after all these years of UK giving billions in foreign aid these same countries still have the same old problems! Where does the money actually go? The way tax payers money is dished out by the government is in an insult to our intelligence. By all means, help those in real need but where does it benefit anyone to throw money into a bottomless pit?


۳۷ minutes ago
We need a complete review of ALL foreign aid , and this piddling sum being frozen doesn’t go anywhere near far enough . Stop the lot and start again .

Let US see exactly what’s going where now .


۵۳ minutes ago
It is past time for a complete review of our foreign aid spending. Not only is a large part of our money going to regimes where it is not deserved but 0.7% of our GDP is far too much from a country well in debt, shades of the Ragged Trousered Philanthropist. Reduce the overseas aid budget now, we simply cannot afford it. Another silly decision from David Cameron.


۵۷ minutes ago
Don’t be fooled by this feeble token gesture….Another ploy by this useless U turning Tory government to dupe the tax payer and maybe cream a few more votes off the gullible.


۵۸ minutes ago
Jackie, Devon
Most of our foreign aid is wasted. Stop it all now and start again with a clean slate and only give help in the form of education, contraception or disastor relief. As a taxpayer I pay my taxes for services in the UK and not as a fund for corrupt dictators worldwide.


۵۸ minutes ago
Moderate my comments again and I shall return.


۱ hour ago
As a Taxpayer myself, I want ALL foreign aid to end immediately. This is our money and we should be spending it on ourselves first.


۱ hour ago
” aiming to ensure aid provides “value for money” for the taxpayer ” ……..” value for money ” ? …. this has to be a joke.

ReplyShare1 reply

۱ hour ago
Yes, a sick joke at that. These public sector departments are on a high gravy train we have to stop and without big payoffs.


۱ hour ago
Thank heavens for that!I doubt anyone who has a shred of concern for the shocking state of Children in these countries could fail to be dismayed at the images.The truth which has been continuosly denied by UK Governments for decades is that there isn’t any justification for subscribing fund aid to those Countries who have been very happy to receive it, but with absolutely no evidence of any serious commitment on their part to tackle what is their issue and not ours!Instead, we see their Governments spending freely on both the ‘establishment’ and maintenance of their crude and inept Military forces and nothing of worth on ‘infrastructure’.Their corrupt ‘fat cats’ get fatter and their poor increasingly impoverished.’ The wives of the Poilticians bedeck themselves in ‘the trappings of Western wealth’, travelling lavishly to expensive haunts and their children receive top class Educations around the world.Stop supporting those who show no intention of supporting themselves! These countries need to learn a valuable lesson that if you seek support through aid demonstrate your commitment ‘at home’ and stop ‘squandering’your wealth.If you were at a ‘gaming table’ would you feed a loser with funds? I doubt it…


۱ hour ago
It is obvious to anyone reading these numerous comments that the British taxpayers want ALL foreign aid stopped. Together with that, it is costing hundreds of millions over paying those in the public sector who are giving our money away. These departments are claiming on expenses the cost of sending their children to private schools. Outrageous and must be stopped. These departments must be closed and the people must be paid off without big payoff packages. Enough is enough. Now is the time to make public the true cost of the public sector with all salaries, expenses and pensions listed.


۲ hours ago
Micky Mouse
At long last the penny has dropped, the vast majority of British people are against giving away our hard earned billions to foreign despots. Charity should begin at home and we have many good causes here, i.e. homeless, food banks, NHS, that should take the money first.


۲ hours ago
Never mind freezing £۱bn – free the whole lot! We need cheaper energy so concentrate on providing us with cheaper options


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Tuesday, 1st August 2017

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