‘You’re sovereignty OBSESSED’ Businesses in bid to OVERTURN May’s EU free movement block

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‘You’re sovereignty OBSESSED’ Businesses in bid to OVERTURN May’s EU free movement block

‘You’re sovereignty OBSESSED’ Businesses in bid to OVERTURN May’s EU free movement block
THERESA MAY’S commitment to end the free movement of EU citizens in 2019 has been attacked by business leaders who claim it will be a “disaster” for the economy.
By Rebecca Perring
PUBLISHED: 10:08, Tue, Aug 1, 2017 | UPDATED: 10:28, Tue, Aug 1, 2017


Theresa May and EU flag GETTY
Theresa May said EU free movement will end by March 2019

In a direct slap down to Chancellor Philip Hammond, the Prime Minister’s spokesman was yesterday forced to clarify Mrs May’s position on EU immigration saying it “was wrong to suggest that free movement will continue as it is now”.

The comments followed a weekend of public infighting between the prime minister’s cabinet after Mr Hammond suggested that Britain’s relationship with Brussels could remain “very similar” for at least three years after the UK formally unshackles itself from the bloc in March 2019.

But now business leaders have launched an attack on Hard Brexiteers saying their main “obsession” is sovereignty and accused them of not caring if “there’s a 20-year recession”.
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Hammond and Davis GETTY
May’s cabinet has been blighted by infighting over the crucial issue of immigration
Theresa May’s fashion moments
Thu, July 27, 2017
Prime Minister Theresa May’s fashion moments.

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Theresa May wears pink holiday dress from British hughstreet store

Theresa May wears pink holiday dress from British hughstreet store
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Prime Minister Theresa May arrives to welcome King and Queen of Spain
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Theresa May
Theresa May leaves Conservative HQ to an uncertain future

Brexiteers are obsessed with sovereignty. They don’t care if there’s a 20-year recession

FTSE100 boss

One FTSE100 boss warned it would be a “disaster”.

He told City AM: “Our economy will collapse if we go through with this.

“Most business people are more worried than before because they thought there would be some pragmatism in place.

“But this isn’t about the economy – Brexiteers are obsessed with sovereignty. They don’t care if there’s a 20-year recession.”

WPP chief Sir Martin Sorrell raised concerns over attracting talent from the bloc after Brexit.

He said: “If it happens, it does not make our job any easier. We rely on the ability to attract diverse talent of all kind.

“This further confuses the ‘debate’ about the length of the transition period and increases levels of uncertainty.”

Brexit flag GETTY
Britian voted to leave the EU on June 23 last year

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BT Group chairman Sir Mike Rake added: “We need flexibility, speed and agility to bring in and maintain the people, highly skilled and unskilled, needed to keep our economy going.”

Virgin Money chief executive Jayne-Anne Gadhia said it would require “hard work” to prevent damaging economic growth.

She added: “The key is to find a way for the economy to flourish if we are going to reduce population growth.”

On Monday, a spokesman for Theresa May sent a warning shot to the Chancellor saying the free movement of EU citizens will definitely end after Brexit.

Taking a swipe at the Chancellor, the Number 10 spokesman said Britain was not seeking an “off-the-shelf” solution.

Theresa May on holiday GETTY
The cabinet squabbling took place when May was on holiday in Italy

It comes after Mr Hammond, last week, said he hoped for an “off-the-shelf” transition deal.

In April, critics blasted the “open borders” policy that has seen the number of foreign workers double in six years.

In 2010, some 2.2 million of Britain’s 28.2 million employees were migrants with just 1.1 million coming from Europe.

By last year, 3.4 million from a workforce of 30.3 million were born abroad, with 2.2 million arriving from the European Union bloc and 1.2 million from the rest of the world.
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Theresa May
European Union
Philip Hammond



۴ minutes ago
You mean these business leaders who shut their factories and take their companies abroad, making thousands redundant and couldn’t give a toss for the British people’s jobs, or those same corporates who supported fraudulent banks who we ended up bailing out ?

They need to shut their mouths, this is democracy at work and they can like it or lump it they have been shafting the British worker with cheap foreign labour for long enough, now it’s our turn to take our country back !


۸ minutes ago
Then these people had better move out of this country – they are quite obviously traitors if they put ANYTHING above the sovereignty of this country.


۳۷ minutes ago
These “business leaders” represent less than 5% of UK businesses. They are OBSESSED with maximising THEIR profits and have no concern for the UK economy which, in any case, is a much lower priority than our freedom, for which our sovereignty is ESSENTIAL.


۱ hour ago
Just pure greed not wanting to pay a decent salaries.

Has BT recruited those 1000 jobs after people complained about them being put through to Indian call centres.

These businesses have been reading Osborne and Hammond’s book. “How to grow a fortune on cheap labour”


۱ hour ago
Dog bone
Sorrell, you europhile scum, the people voted to leave the EU entirely and put a halt to immigration. Obviously low life like you do not respect a democratic referendum and its result!


۱ hour ago
We fought two world wars and millions lost their lifes to protect our sovereignty, But of course all these so called bussiness men are only interested in money. We have all seen the dreadful scenes of what happened at Passchendaele, all to protect our sovereignty. These people make me feel sick. All of can see what open borders mean by just looking at Londonstan. Controlled migration yes, but an open door NO,NO, NO

ReplyShare2 replies

۵۸ minutes ago
E.U rules
Weren’t the wars some time ago? May be it’s time to stop living in the past. We don’t have an Empire anymore, bye the way.

ReplyShare1 reply

۷ minutes ago
Most of history was ‘a long time ago’ – it doesn’t mean that it is irrelevant.


۱ hour ago
Our company has been advertising for a CNC Service Engineer for 3 weeks now. So far..2 cv’s that do not even match anywhere near the job description.1 service person who knows nothing about machine tools.1 perfect candidate with 13 years experience of installing and repairing machine tools – the candidate is in India!!!! I voted to LEAVE by the way.Yes we must tighten our borders and we must have only people that are required coming in.We would love to employ a British person, but sadly with 4% unemployment and people staying put where they work already, it is proving very difficult to find. Seems what is left is either, unemployable or do not want to work.
It is NOT always about cheap labour!
We are a company paying a good wage for a good position.We are being forced to look abroad to fill the vacancy – FACT.

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۱ hour ago
Could you then not start with apprenticeship for the young as a lot of youngsters are doing engineering courses in college.

It is time the British Industry went back to the days of training and nurturing their workforce rather than treating their workers as a commodity and for someone else to give the experience.

My father-in-law who was an Petri chemical engineer found in a lot of cases applicants from abroad quite often fortified their qualification or plagiarized others work to qualify at obscure Universities or Colleges. By in-house training you should be able to promote from within your own workforce.

ReplyShare1 reply

Less than a minute ago
These companies are too profit hungry for quick results and that is why they will NOT train our own people. They make me sick !


۲ minutes ago
Well blame your useless Labour and Tory governments who refused to force companies to train up people to fill the jobs we needed to fill, same with the NHS. Nice and cheap to import other countries half qualified individuals to come here and work for less money.

Pay the rate and train your own people !


۲ hours ago
What was wrong with work permiits?
OK so it cost to produce and monitor them.
However the peope screaming about the lack of labour, skilled or un-skilled, could arrange work permits, accommodation, healthcare and ensure their employed staff and any family either were given a new work permit or left the country on termination.
I don’t think they want them that much or would be prepared to take the responsibility.


۲ hours ago
These businesses are TOTALLY OBSESSED with cheap imported labour, they want to squeeze every single penny of profit out they can. Amazon treat their staff like slaves they give them work targets that are almost impossible to attain and when the staff do they move them up and up and up. Then at the 3 month point they are asked to leave and Amazon get more EU staff in. And so it goes on, full time jobs are like hens teeth as Amazon do not like to have to pay pensions ect. They even ask staff if they want to go home if the work slows down UNPAID of course. This is how many companies want to work dumping on staff paying them a low wage so the TAX payer picks up the tab. If companies cannot pay a decent wage they should go to the wall, NOT be carried by the TAX PAYER but the truth is they can pay they just do not want too.The men at the top want MORE MORE MORE and if that means shi–ing all over the worker and tax payer so be it!


۲ hours ago
Globalist don’t do sovereignty, the world is their oyster.

ReplyShare1 reply

۵ minutes ago
The world is EVERYONE’s Oyster – but most people have some sense of DECENCY, loyalty – and partiotism.


۲ hours ago
These are the same ‘ankers that said the countries economy would collapse if there ever was a minimum wage.These are the same #ankers that advertised Jobs for £۱ per hour.They have done more harm to industrial output than a war could ever do ..


۲ hours ago
These businesses are OBSESSED with cheap imported labour. The British working class fought hard for decent wages and working conditions.importing cheap foreign labour allows these business to get around that. It effectively lays waste to all those decades of sacrifice and pain. This was Blair’s greatest betrayal. The betrayal of the working class.


۲ hours ago
Stop free movement? YES? Replace with controlled movement of people who are a benefit to this country? YES Business can sponsor any workers they require so no problems. But we stop sponges, scrounges, criminals and the useless unskilled, but give some unskilled 6 month visas if required for certain jobs. In other words WE control who comes and for how long!!!

ReplyShare1 reply

۱ hour ago
AND they MUST have insurance to cover the NHS Also NO benefits of any kind until they have PAID into the system for 10 years!


۲ hours ago
“Business Leaders” ….. Opposed to stopping free movement because they will not be able to import CHEAP LABOUR and pay rubbish wages ….


۲ hours ago
Army & Navy
What a load of rubbish, our economy is not dependent on migrants.
Certain multi millionaire profit obsessed farmers and factory owners are dependent on this organised slave labour of course, many of them politicians or friends of politicians! It is they who don’t give a dam about the impact of countless millions of unskilled migrants flooding our country and overwhelming our NHS and benefits system and creating a crime epidemic.
It is they who are obsessed with profit and are utterly greed ridden at the expense of everyone else!
There will not be a 20 year recession if we halt free movement, there will however, be 20 years of terrible public resentment,tension and division coupled with increased terrorism which will spill over into bloodshed and rioting or even civil war if they don’t stop free movement!


۲ hours ago
List of moaning businesses please so we can decide whether to use their services


۲ hours ago
Sorrell has been ranting on this subject for a year. He knows full well we will allow those from the EU who would benefit this country and its economy to come here and work on a visa/work permit basis. ie: Sorrell is making a story out of nothing.


۲ hours ago
Another remoaner ploy; Won;t affect those with a job or needed in industry


۲ hours ago
She’s not sovereignty obsessed. She’s implementing the democratic will of the British people,


۲ hours ago
Big business whose profits depend on cheap, unskilled labour.

ReplyShare2 replies

۲ hours ago
They wouldn’t give a monkey’s fart if we were ruled by a consortium of gangsters as long as they made a profit …


۴ minutes ago


۳ hours ago
No need to worry, it won’t happen.

ReplyShare1 reply

۲ hours ago
The rantings of the deluded Remoanertard. One of the pleasures of voting to Leave the crumbling corrupt EU. Keep up the good work ret@rd.


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